Imerys Fused Minerals is a world leader in the production of a range of monoclinic, partially and fully stabilised zirconia powders for refractory applications, such as refractory parts used in continuous casting of steel (submerged entry nozzles and shrouds, slide gate plates and inserts, metering nozzles), crucibles, kiln furniture, cement & lime rotary kiln linings, and filters for foundry steel casting.

The dense and non-porous particle morphology in combination with control of chemistry and phase composition of our products result in the properties desired for refractory applications such as chemical inertness, high temperature stability, corrosion, and erosion resistance.

Our powders are made by an advanced electro fusion process followed by precision milling and sizing, ensuring that the powders are homogeneous in chemical composition, phase composition and particle size distribution.

Detailed technical data on the Imerys Fused Minerals’ range of products is available on request.