Our product range includes the following types of electro-corundum:

Advantages by using electro-corundum

as blasting media:

High performance and aggressive blasting media, which maintains an angular shape even after repeated use.

Due to the high hardness and the angular shape of the material, a clean metal surface (surface quality Sa 3) can be achieved in a very short time.

High stock removal effects associated with long lifetime. By working with a constant pressure, a uniform structured surface can be reached, which is an excellent adhesive base for coatings.

By selecting the appropriate grain qualities, grit sizes and pressures it is possible to vary the surface roughness in a wide range.

Because of the aggressive blasting-effect, no need of high pressures is required (4-5 bars).

Can be stored in any depository (lowest class - I b).

Does not contain free silica, so there is no risk of silicosis.

Does not contain toxic components such as heavy metals.

Is not hygroscopic and therefore unlimited storage is possible.